Co-op Live Arena Coming to Manchester in 2023

Co-op Live Arena Coming to Manchester in 2023

There’s a new state of the art music venue coming to Manchester, the home of great music. In fact, did you know that the most music gig tickets are sold in Manchester? But that shouldn’t come as a shock. 

In 2023, Co-op Live is expected to open to Manchester music lovers with construction taking place on site this year. With the aim to create the best live music experience in the UK the arena will be the UK’s first purpose-driven arena. Who else is excited?

The Co-op Live arena will be the biggest entertainment venue in the UK and Europe, holding a capacity of 23,500. Not only this, but it will double the number of shows Manchester arenas usually host with 120 major live events. These will consist of music, catwalks, family shows, sporting events and e-sports showcases.

Co-op Live will hold 28 suites. Of course, being the music lovers that we are at DSG Group, we had to jump at the chance to have a suite. We couldn’t be more excited for our employees and investors to enjoy a true VIP experience. With the opportunity to watch our favourite shows and artists from a suite, our employees, partners and investors can unwind and have fun. Suites have a 16-24 capacity with a pre-show networking area where you can rejoice in a beverage. Employees will be allocated to a dedicated comfy seating area with a dance floor, where they can show off their moves and mingle with colleagues. Here, employees can really embrace the luxurious atmosphere of Co-op Live and create new memories.

Our CEO, Richard Hoggart, jumped at the chance to claim a suite. Richard stated, ”when I saw the presentation demonstrating the vision for this venue, it was impossible to resist being one of the founding suite holders. 

We are an organisation that loves to entertain and share experiences with our colleagues, their families and our customers. In my opinion there is no better way to do this than watching live music together in a world class environment. 

This will truly be the best entertainment venue in the world, built and operated in a sustainable way, with the emphasis on the experience for both the audience and the performers.”

Accommodating for all, the arena will have two multi-faith praying rooms as well as an area for assistance dogs. There is even a quiet room for those who need to take a minute before dancing the night away.

Even Harry Styles is investing in the venue. He will be involved in the development stage as he shares his insights and fan experience. Harry shared that he was drawn to the project on every level, ‘from the opportunities it brings, to the contribution it will make to the city, and most importantly, that it will allow even more live music to thrive in Manchester.’ The venue will re-establish Manchester as one of the most important live music destinations in the world.


Supporting Manchester City Council’s act to become carbon-free by 2038, Co-op Live will be one of the most sustainable arenas in the world. The arena will be powered by solar panels with the venue providing free water stations for re-fill options. There will be no food or general waste to landfills as they also aim to tackle food poverty. Manchester is certainly stepping in a bright direction.

In addition, Co-op Live will have a ‘green biodiversity ring’ which involves planting a variety of trees, wildflowers and a living wall with green screens. As an organisation with a focus on our carbon footprint, we value the lengths that Co-op are going to in order to be entirely environmentally friendly.

The Record Room

For a more relaxing experience, you can enjoy socialising and drinking alcoholic beverages in the red studio room. The record room can welcome up to 100 VIP guests. Here, you get to indulge backstage moments with a private performance by headline artists. These performances will be truly unforgettable as you see artists in a new light. 

Atrium room

Before you even enter your designated seats, you have many bars and restaurants to explore with live theatre cooking. Or choose to upgrade with club level dining. Build your excitement and your energy in the Atrium room. It’s yet another place in the arena where you can dance to your heart’s content. It’s the heartbeat of the venue and you can embrace the moment with 700 other people.